Thursday, August 29, 2013

1st Art Journaling Video, Vacation, Youtube subscribers!!

Hello beautiful people!!!! I have been on vacation for the last 2 weeks and I have really been enjoying myself. I haven't had much time to scrap/journal because a few days before I took my vacation we moved :( ! I hate moving. I have really just been trying to finish unpacking and getting things straighten up around the house. I did manage to do my very FIRST ART JOURNAL VIDEO! I am so proud of myself!! The quality of the video is not that good and neither is the editing but hey give me a break its my first video!! Here is the video! 

I really like how the girl turned out but don't like how the page came together over all. I was inspired by something I saw Donna Downey do for Inspiration Wednesday and well it was a FAIL for me lol!! Over all I like the page and can't wait to do more videos! 

Here are some close up pictures of the finished page:

My youtube channel is exploding!! I almost have 2,000 subscribers!! I can't believe it!! When I reach 2,000 I will do another giveaway! This time a big one so if you are not subscribed to my youtube channel click HERE and go subscribe right now!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Backgrounds Anyone

I have been a bad bad blogger... but in my defense I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy on Feb. 11, and just have been enjoying watching him grow. While enjoying my time off from work and enjoying the new baby I was able to take an art journal class with Christy. Its called 30 pages in 90 days. So much fun!! The class is just about over and we have learned so many new and fun techniques that I can't wait to practice. I have been working on a couple of the pages but mostly just watching and learning. The class is starting again so go to her website Click Here and sign up!! Since the class started we have been learning how to make various backgrounds to use in our art journal. Christy came up with an idea to do a Background Page Exchange, where each participant would use a technique to create a background. We would put the directions on how we created the background and she is going to bind them into books for us. I did a soap bubble background. I will give u a picture tutorial so you can see what I did and try it for yourself!!

Soap Bubble Background

*First thing you need to do is gather all your supplies.

       -inks (I used Rit liquid dye)
       -small plastic container

*You can do the next few steps in any order.

*Pour about a tablespoon of soap into your plastic container.

*Pour your ink into the container. Remember the more ink the darker your bubbles will be. 

*Next add your water. Fill it about halfway up your container. 

*Here is the fun part! Get your straw and blow your bubbles until they are coming a little above the rim of your container!! I got some help from my baby girl Destini. She thought it was too fun! (If your not making lots of bubbles add more soap!)

*Place your paper carefully over the bubble to make them pop. 

*There is your background! You can layer different colors over each other for unique effects. 

I hope you enjoyed this background tutorial and are able to incorporate it into you art journal or any other art work you do. Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

2nd Art Journal Flip

           I finally finished my 2nd art journal and I am so proud of myself. I didn't even take me that long, only 3 months!! This journal was semi handmade. It was originally a sketch book that I tore apart and cut down to the size that I wanted. I used card stock for the cover and the binding. I loved this journal and had so much fun journaling in it. The theme of this journal was "Finding my Style". I  have taken many different art classes online to help develop my drawing, color usage, shading, ect. Now that I have some what of a starting point I need a style that I can call my own. This journal was helping me to find it. I really love the outcome and I have already started my next art journal which will be a altered book. That should be exciting. The video I did for my flip will be posted at the end of the pictures. As you can see I ramble... lol So here are the close up pics of my journal. ENJOY!!

The Front Cover

Painted Faces  with Christy

A sister is both your mirror and your opposite

Art Geeks prompt "Day of the Dead"

"Never miss a good change to shut the fuck up"

Art Geeks Prompt: Monochromatic

Trying out some collage

more collage

I hate this page :(

working on my profile pic

"Its sad when it gets to the point where its not even expected anymore"

Love this page


Names of the 26 who lost their lives....

3 color art journal prompt

The Last page!! 

The END !! The back cover of my journal

So I hoped you guys enjoyed and check out my youtube video here: 2nd Art Journal Flip . Like, comment and let me know what you think or what you would like to see from me in the future!! Love you guys thanks for checking me out!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Altered Books and Storage

So today I set out to find some books with good binding so that I am able to alter them into art journals. I used Christy from Gulfsprite's video to help me find good books to use. I absolutely love all her altered art journals and wanted to try books instead of making my own, although I love making my own too!! :) You can check out her video here... CLICK ME ! I went to the Goodwill store in my area and to my surprise they had a large selection of books that were donated. I spent at least 30 minutes looking through the different books for the right binding. I was looking for signatures that were sewed in as apposed to glued. I found plenty. I chose these 3 because of the size. They are not to large and don't have that many pages as larger pages and books tend to intimated me :(. 
They all have signatures that are sewed in and nice thick pages that I think would be good for altering. I can't wait to get started!! They were only 1.99 each!! This was the first time I had ever been to a Goodwill store and surprised to see all the things that people donate and how big some of the selections were. I have already started another art journal (one that i made) so now I have motivation to finish that one so I can start with one of these books.  I also went to Goodwill looking for storage help. As you have viewed in one of my previous post about my small craft area, I need storage solutions. I didn't find anything that I could use. :( In cleaning out my daughters room I came across this plastic 3 draw thingie (I don't know what they are called) that she wasn't using and fit perfectly in the little space that I had by my desk. It got me in the mood to clean and go through some of my scrap stuff to see if anything could be given away or eliminated. I am very happy with the out come. With this new added storage I was able to clear more space off my desk and from one of the cubby holes in my desk. I used it to store my scraps, stamps and supplies (pastels, watercolor pencils, pens, color pencils ect. ) This
makes me happy. I now feel like I  more space although I probably don't its just now I more organized which is good too. Now comes the big project, making room for the baby! I was thinking about getting a corner desk to see if that helps with room. I think it will I saw one and it was only $119 at Ikea. I might have to invest.

Well i'm going finish washing clothes and to art journal now thanks for reading!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

My First COMPLETE Art Journal!!!

So after 14 months, yes over a year, I finally completed my first art journal! I am so excited and can't explain the feeling of it finally being complete. I keep flipping through it and I am amazed. I did a youtube video and will post some detailed pics of the pages. In other news we had our 2nd trimester ultrasound and found out we were having a BOY!! We are so excited!! I had already started shopping and bought all boy stuff so happy that I don't have to make a trip back to the store.  Some of my pages may reflect classes that I took with some of the awesome art teachers on the web. I really enjoyed all the classes and I am slowly coming up with my own style. It's very exciting to see how me and my art has grown over the year. Anywho here are the pics... hope you enjoy!

It's finally complete!

the first page

page from 30 days of art journaling with gulfsprite 

class with Ady Almanza

class with Ady Almanza

page from 30 days of art journaling with gulfsprite 

I misspelled doodle lol but i still love this page

One of my favorite pages

first time attempting a transfer and it didn't work :(

part of a class I was taking with Willowing


So this is the last page and it reads "what we call the beginning is often the end, and to make and end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from...."

Love that quote and its very fitting for the start of my next art journal that hopefully will not take me an entire year to finish lol.