Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So I posted my first youtube video a few days ago. It was a video of a toilet paper mini album that i created. I decided I would create another one of some of the layouts that I have done in my babys book. I am so exhausted. This past weekend my baby caught some type of bug and was sick most of the weekend. She recovered and is now back to her normal diva-ish self. lol!! My brother and his family came down from North Caroline for 2 days and we had so much fun!! I wished they could of stayed longer but they had to get back home. We played Wii all night and now my arm feels like its going to fall off :). I went to Hobby Lobby today and bought some paper and emblishments to start a new mini. There is only one problem, I just can't get inspired. The paper collection is My Minds Eye Bloom and Grow and I bought some American Craft stuff too and still no luck with the inspiration. :( I have a paper due at the end of the week and I can't get inspired for that either. Well hopefully I will find some inspiration somewhere. Feel free to go to my youtube channel and check out my videos and subscribe!! I have also posted my videos here on my blog as well. !! :)

I have a quiz today and I must work on my paper. No scrapbooking until I finish my paper, which is due on Saturday. :( I hope you have enjoyed my videos and please feel free to tell me what you think. I am participating in an image tag swap and I am so excited. Its my very first one. I am going to send my tags off tomorrow and I can't wait to see what I will get in return. I must sleep now or I will be on here all night reading blogs and watching videos. I am so addicted lol. Good Day everyone!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

All About Me

Hi!! My name is Cristina, I am a wife and a mother of a very outgoing crafty 5 year old little girl. I am currently a full time nursing student. I love to scrap, cook, eat and craft. I got into scrapbooking about 2 years ago and I just can't get enough. I think of every outing or get together as a photo opt for a layout. :) I am truly addicted. I can't wait to share pieces of my creations and my life with all of you. I hope you enjoy and join me for plenty of scrapping and crafting in my scrap corner!!