Friday, May 24, 2013

Backgrounds Anyone

I have been a bad bad blogger... but in my defense I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy on Feb. 11, and just have been enjoying watching him grow. While enjoying my time off from work and enjoying the new baby I was able to take an art journal class with Christy. Its called 30 pages in 90 days. So much fun!! The class is just about over and we have learned so many new and fun techniques that I can't wait to practice. I have been working on a couple of the pages but mostly just watching and learning. The class is starting again so go to her website Click Here and sign up!! Since the class started we have been learning how to make various backgrounds to use in our art journal. Christy came up with an idea to do a Background Page Exchange, where each participant would use a technique to create a background. We would put the directions on how we created the background and she is going to bind them into books for us. I did a soap bubble background. I will give u a picture tutorial so you can see what I did and try it for yourself!!

Soap Bubble Background

*First thing you need to do is gather all your supplies.

       -inks (I used Rit liquid dye)
       -small plastic container

*You can do the next few steps in any order.

*Pour about a tablespoon of soap into your plastic container.

*Pour your ink into the container. Remember the more ink the darker your bubbles will be. 

*Next add your water. Fill it about halfway up your container. 

*Here is the fun part! Get your straw and blow your bubbles until they are coming a little above the rim of your container!! I got some help from my baby girl Destini. She thought it was too fun! (If your not making lots of bubbles add more soap!)

*Place your paper carefully over the bubble to make them pop. 

*There is your background! You can layer different colors over each other for unique effects. 

I hope you enjoyed this background tutorial and are able to incorporate it into you art journal or any other art work you do. Thanks for reading!